Đề thi Chính Thức vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh Thành Phố Đà Nẵng 2017 gồm lời giải. Luyện giải đề thi tiếng anh chuẩn chỉnh xác tự đề chấp thuận thi lớp 9 vào lớp 10

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  Học Mãi Unica Monkey Junior Kyna (Có nhiều khóa học Miễn Phí) kynaforkids

I. Choose the letter A, B, C or D that indicates the best answer khổng lồ each of the questions below. Write your answers in the box provided. (2.0 pts)

1. We are afraid of going out alone ____ night.

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A. in

B. on

C. at

D. to

2. I enjoy ____ to those MP3s.

A. listen

B. listened

C. listening

D. khổng lồ listen

3. ____ the restaurant is vert small, it serves excellent meals.

A. Although

B. However

C. Because

D. Therefore

4. Nam: “____ vì chưng you practise speaking English?”

A. How fast

B. How long

C. How many

D. How often

5. There are too ____ questions here! I can’t do all of them in five minutes.

A. enough

B. many

C. much

D. some

6. His little girl is so đáng yêu, ____?

A. wasn’t she

B. isn’t she

C. doesn’t she

D. hasn’t she

7. The boy ____ is playing football over there lives next door to lớn my school.

A. who

B. whom

C. whose

D. which

8. The final exam was not ____ I thought.

A. most difficult than

B. as difficult than

C. more difficult as

D. as difficult as

9. They wish they ____ in a bigger house. This one is too small.

A. live

B. lived

C. will live

D. have lived

10. I ____ that you should see your doctor about this.

A. tell

B. want

C. suggest

D. speak

11. Who’s going to lớn ____ the children while their parents are away?

A. put off

B. look after

C. give up

D. turn up

12. Thanks for the meal! It was ____.

A. distasteful

B. delighted

C. delicious

D. bad

13. Choose the word which has a different bao tay pattern.

A. freedom

B. standard

C. language

D. typhoon

14. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

A. design

B. begin

C. enjoy

D. educate

15. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

A. looked

B. stopped

C. started

D. missed

16. Nick: “Can you lkết thúc me your bike?” Paul: “______”

A. Thank you

B. Sorry, I’m using it

C. You’re so kind to lớn say so

D. A good idea

II. There in ONE mistake in each of the sentences below. Piông xã it out và correct it. Write your answers in the bos provided. (1.0 pt)

Example: 0. My brother told me tidying his room.

1. Janefelt very boring during her holiday

2. The ferry for the isl& leave sầu at 9 o’cloông xã every morning

3. Kathy drives more careful than her sister.

4. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on a moon.


III. Supply the correct khung of the word in bold to complete each of the sentences below. Write your answers in the box provided. (1.5 pts)

1. Traffic fumes are __harmful__ to lớn the environment.(harm)

2. The ____ or failure of the plan depends on you.(successful)

3. I was pleased lớn hear your plane landed ____.(safe)

4. Some of the ____ have lived here all their lives.(village)

5. How bởi you ____ your surname?(pronunciation)

6. Thirteen is often considered a(n) ____ number.(luck)


IV. Complete the text below. Put the verbs given in the correct tense and voice (active or passive). Write your answers in the box provided. (1.0 pt)

Himeji Castle is in Himeji, nhật bản. It’s on the top of a hill. It’s one of Japan’s National Treasures và a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle (1) __was built__(build)in the 14th centery. People (2) ____(keep)its original structure since then. It is made from stone and wood.It (3) ____(have)gray roofs & white walls with moats around it. Himeji Castle (4) ____(be)the largest & the most visited castle in Japan.

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V. Read the following text and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. Write your answers in the box provided. (1.5 pts)


Technology will change our lives in the future. Some companies have already used drones khổng lồ help their business. (1) ____ France và Switzerlvà, national post offices have tried using them to sover letters (2) ____ parcels. In 2016, Amzon tried delivering their products to lớn customers by drones. These are early steps và people need more time khổng lồ make (3) ____ better. Now, more companies are (4) ____ in this idea. In đôi mươi years, drones will make selling and buying things more convenient. Drones will be (5) ____ to lớn help people in disasters too. Carrying products to people in storms, earthquakes or tsunamis will be (6) ____ & faster.



VI. Read the ladflet và the tin nhắn. Put the right information in Adam’s notes. Write your answers in the box provided. (1.5 pts)



VII. Complete each of the sentences below so that it is closest in meaning to the original sentence. (1.5 pts)