Tổng đúng theo 2 bộ đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 8 thân học tập kì 1 2021 - Phần 1 gồm câu trả lời với giải đáp giải chi tiết trường đoản cú đội ngũ chuyên gia giàu kinh nghiệm soạn với share. Hỗ trợ những em ôn luyện giải phản ảnh kết quả.

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Đề đánh giá giữa kì 1 Tiếng Anh 8 năm 2021 - Đề hàng đầu Đề thi Tiếng Anh 8 giữa học tập kì 1 năm 2021 - Đề số 2

Kì thi giữa học tập kì 1 sắp tới đây, Cửa Hàng chúng tôi xin trình làng mang đến các em 2 bộ đề thi Anh thân kì 1 lớp 8 - Phần 1 năm 2021 có giải thuật chi tiết. Nội dung bsát hại theo chương trình học tập vào công ty ngôi trường. Giúp chúng ta học tập sinh ôn tập với luyện tập có tác dụng quen thuộc với tương đối nhiều dạng đề, bên cạnh đó cũng sẵn sàng xuất sắc mang đến kì thi tiếp đây của chính bản thân mình. Mời các bạn tham khảo nội dung bài viết dưới đây.

Đề đánh giá thân kì 1 Tiếng Anh 8 năm 2021 - Đề số 1

Exercise 1: Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1.A. sure

B. soundly

C. simple


1.A. ethnic

B. unique

C. basic

D. diverse

1. A. terraced

B. satisfied

C. hooked

D. relaxed

Exercise 2: Choose the word that has different bao tay pattern

1. A. active

B. commune

C. diverse

D. heritage

2. A. community

B. identify


D. social

Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer

1.We are all hook ________ making star lanterns.





2. The Hao ước of Sa Pa are called Black Hmuốn ________ their mainly blachồng clothing.

A. because of

B.in spite of

C.in order lớn

D.according to

3.________ drop that điện thoại phone & bởi your homework?

A.Why don’t you

B.How about

C.Would you mind

D.When did you

4. Their family have sầu moved lớn the thành phố ________ 2001.



C. in

D. since

5.The crops __________ on the weather.

A.depover heavy

B. depkết thúc heavily

C. affect heavy

D. affect heavily

6. During the festival, they fly many ___________ kites in different shapes và sizes.

A. colour

B. colourless

C. colourful 

D. colouring

7. An old woman was ________ the goats up the mountainside.

A. riding

B. taking

C. herding

D. running

8. __________does Hoa Ban Festival take place? - In Lai Chau.

A. What

B. Where

C. When

D. How

Exercise 4: Write the correct size of the words in brackets

1. The Internet has already changed the way people ______________. (social)

2. Red River Delta is an agriculturally rich area và densely ______________. (populate) 

3. Who lives more happily, ______________ or thành phố dwellers? (nomadic)

Exercise 5: Choose the best answer

Are you a screenager? Are you (1)________ glued lớn the TV, texting your friends, chatting online, or perhaps trying to move sầu (2)________ another level in one of your favourite video games? Well, if you are, you are in the majority.

Most teenagers vị almost (3)________ electronically. They watch digital TV, listen to music on a digital MP3 player và (4)________ with friends through tin nhắn, instant messaging or by Smartphone phone. Teenagers even vì most of their reading online now. When they need help with their homework, it’s often the Internet that they (5)________.

Experts from all over the world worry that teenagers’ addiction lớn công nghệ is having an effect (6)________ on their health và on their behaviour. In some countries, teenagers are getting help. In Asia, there are even boot camps (7)________ children receive psychological help và treatment. It’s (8)________ that these types of camps will become common in other countries in the future.

1.A. definitely

B. constantly

C. hardly

D. finally

2. A. in

B. off

C. out

D. up

3. A. everything

B. something

C. anything

D. nothing

4. A. relate

B. socialize

C. join

D. communicate

5. A. carry on

B. get off

C. turn to

D. find out

6. A. either

B. all

C. both

D. whether

7. A. which

B. where

C. what

D. that

8. A. probable

B. difficult

C. comfortable

D. satisfied

Exercise 6: Rewrite the following sentences without changing its meaning

1. I have done voluntary work for three years.

I started _____________________________________________

2. It took me two hours khổng lồ walk lớn her village.

I spent ______________________________________________

3. Flying a kite in the countryside is very exciting.

It’s _________________________________________________

Exercise 7: Choose the underlined word or phrase, A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

1. She goes (A) to the (B) dance club with (C) her friends every evening Sunday (D).

2. Playing (A) team sports gives (B) you much (C) fun than individual (D) sports.

3. Wonderful (A) family days (B) are (C) some of most (D) special memories

Đáp án đề bình chọn Tiếng Anh lớp 8 giữa kì 1 2021 (Đề số 1)

Exercise 1: Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest

1-A 2-D 3-B

Exercise 2: Choose the word that has different găng pattern

1-C 2-D

Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer

Exercise 4: Write the correct khung of the words in brackets

1. socialize

2. populated

3. nomads

Exercise 5: Choose the best answer

Exercise 6: Rewrite the following sentences without changing its meaning

1. I started khổng lồ do/ doing voluntary work three years ago.

2. I spent two hours walking khổng lồ her village.

3. It’s very exciting khổng lồ fly a kite in the countryside.

Exercise 7: Choose the underlined word or phrase, A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

1. D (Sunday evening)

2. C (more)

3. D (of the most)

Đề thi Tiếng Anh 8 thân học kì 1 năm 2021 - Đề số 2

I. Chọn từ bỏ nhưng phần gạch ốp chân bao gồm giải pháp phạt âm khác những tự còn lại trong mỗi câu sau.

1. A. equipment B. socket C. customer D. sentence 

2. A. enough B. brought C. ought D. course

3. A. choose B. kitchen C. chemical D. chore

4. A. buffalo B. wisdom C. clothes D. rope

5. A. match B. sauce pan C. transmit D. safety

II. Chọn đáp án đúng cho từng câu sau.

6. Yesterday, I ……… to the cinema.

A. go

B. will go

C. went

D. gone

7. On the left …… the picture, you can see his grandmother, Jane Cryer.

A. to

B. from

C. on

D. of

8. She fell và hurt ………

A. her

B. herself

C. himself

D. myself

9. Let’s go to lớn the theater this evening.

A. Let us

B. Let me

C. You should

D. Would you like

10. They ……… buy a new car next month.

A. are going to

B. will

C. Æ 

D. A & B

11. My sister and I ……… the cartoons on TV every Saturday last summer.

A. watch

B. watched

C. watches

D. watching

12. Water ……… at 1000 C.

A. boil

B. boiling

C. boils

D. is boiling

13. I live sầu ……… đôi mươi Oxford Street.

A. at

B. in

C. on

D. from

14. Her new glasses change her ………..

A. appear B. appearance C. appears D. appearances

15. I tried ……… her name but I couldn’t.

A. remember

B. remembering

C. to remember

D. remembered

16. I ……… badminton but I don’t time have sầu for it now.

A. use to lớn play

B. used to lớn playing

C. use khổng lồ playing

D. used lớn play

17. He decided ………. what would happen.

A. khổng lồ stay & see

B. staying and seeing

C. lớn stay & seeing

D. saying and see

18. He was late, but fortunately, his friends waited for him.

A. luckily

B. magically

C. cruelly

D. lately

19. You …….. write on the walls.

A. have to

B. must

C. don’t have to

D. must not

đôi mươi. Are Christ going khổng lồ cchiến bại his cửa hàng early ……..?

A. last night

B. tonight

C. last month

D. yesterday

III. Tìm lỗi không đúng trong mỗi câu sau.

21. That man is (A) going to gets (B) wet because (C) he doesn’t (D) have an umbrella.

22. Once when I was (A) ten, I used lớn get siông chồng (B) và went (C) to (D) the hospital.

23. Lan is (A) not going khổng lồ (B) buy a big (C) house yesterday (D).

24. Nam doesn’t have sầu lớn (A) take his (B) medicine yesterday because (C) he was better (D).

25. We took all (A) the rubbish outside (B) and burn (C) it (D).

IV. Đọc đoạn văn sau cùng chọn giải đáp đúng cho từng thông tin.

Once a poor farmer had a daughter named Little Pea. After his wife died, the farmer married again. His new wife had a daughter, Stout Nut. Unfortunately, the new wife was very cruel to lớn Little Pea. Little Pea had to lớn vày chores all day. This made Little Pea’s father very upset. He soon died of a broken heart.

Summer came và went. In the fall, the village held its harvest festival. That year, everyone was excited as the prince wanted lớn choose his wife from the village. Stout Nut’s mother made her new clothes for her, but poor Little Pea had none.

However, before the festival started, a fairy appeared & magically changed Little Pea’s rags inkhổng lồ beautiful clothes.

As Little Pea ran to lớn the festival, she dropped one of her shoes and lost it. When the prince found the shoe, he decided khổng lồ marry he girl who owned it. Of course the shoe fitted Little Pea, và the prince immediately fell in love sầu with her.

26. Little Pea’s father was a ……… và her mother died when she was young.

 A. rich farmer

B. poor farmer

C. rich worker

D. poor worker

27. What does “His” in the first line refer to?

A. Little Pea’s father

B. Little Pea’s brother

C. A fairy

D. The prince

28. Stout Nut’s mother made new clothes for ……… before the festival.

A. herself

B. Stout Nut

C. Little Pea

D. the prince

29. The village held its harvest festival in the ……..

A. fall

B. summer

C. spring

D. winter

30. Which following sentence is NOT true?

A. Little Pea’s father died of a broken heart because he was very upphối about his new wife.

B. Little Pea’s step mother made her do chores all day.

C. Little Pea’s mother made new clothes for Little Pea and Stout Nut before the festival.

D. The prince decided lớn marry Little Pea.

V. Chọn đáp án đúng nhằm điền vào nơi trống trong khúc vnạp năng lượng.

Once a farmer lived a (31)……….. life with his family. His chicken laid many eggs which the farmer used (32) ……… to lớn buy food & clothing for his family.

One day, he went to lớn collect the eggs and discovered one of the chickens (33) …….. a gold egg. He shouted excitedly to his wife, “We’re rich! We’re rich!”

His wife ran khổng lồ hyên và they both looked at the egg in amazement. The wife wanted more, so her husband decided (34) …….. open all the chickens and find more gold eggs. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any eggs. When he finished, all the chickens were dead.

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There (35) ……… no more eggs of any kind for the foolish farmer & his greedy wife.